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Interesting sessions, like this Professional Development Workshop held in Toronto, can only happen because they are proposed by members and then accepted by members of the Costume Design & Technology Commission.

Photo/Casey Kearns

by Joel Ebarb
Chair, Phoenix Costume Programming
, Costume Design & Technology Commission


Commission Pursues Costume Ideas For 2007

The Costume Design & Technology Commission conference programming for 2006 in Louisville is complete, but the slate for Phoenix in 2007 is empty and waiting to be filled! It is never too early to start planning ahead, and programming proposals are being sought immediately.

Whether you have a completely formed outline or just the stirrings of an inspiration for a proposal, the Costume Commission wants to hear from you! Let Joel Ebarb, Programming Chair for Phoenix 2007, assist you in solidifying your ideas and explain how the process works.

The success of conference programming depends on active involvement by Commission members, so consider proposing a session for Phoenix 2007 today.

Wonder where to start? If you have an idea for a conference session proposal, visit the Costume Commission web site directly or through and look for the section titled "Conferences: Propose a Session" for complete details and instructions.

This link will take you directly to the information on how to propose a session.

Proposals are taken up to two years in advance, and programming for Phoenix will be decided in Louisville.

Submission deadline for proposing 2007 sessions is three weeks before the 2006 conference.

For more information, contact Mr. Ebarb via e-mail at

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