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MARCH 2004
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2005 Update

Eric Fielding
Director, World Stage Design 2005

World Stage Design an international exhibition of set, costume, lighting, and sound design will be held March 12 to 19, 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and will occur concurrently with the 2005 OISTAT World Congress and the 2005 USITT Conference & Stage Expo.

There are opportunities for many USITT members to be a part of preparing for this exciting exhibition. To get involved in making WSD 2005 a reality, join those who have already volunteered at a meeting 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 17 in room 202A of the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

While the WSD 2005 exhibition is a year away, the deadline to submit design work is just four months off June 30, 2004. WSD 2005 is open to every set, costume, lighting, and sound designer around the globe.

Every designer in WSD 2005 will have his/her work presented in the WSD Digital Exhibition; will have those designs adjudicated by an international selection jury for possible inclusion in the WSD Gallery Exhibition; will be eligible to receive award medals and cash prizes; and will have his/her work published in both a print and a digital catalog. So enter now, spread the word, get involved, and help make the inaugural World Stage Design exhibition a great success.

To learn more, to get a copy of the entry form, or to enter online, visit the WSD website:

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