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MARCH 2004
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Conference & Stage Expo
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Conference Committee Convenes

While some members of USITT were recovering from the shortest day of the year, others were busy working to accomplish Institute goals. Members of the Conference Committee met in Long Beach, California to review final details and coordinate logistics for the upcoming four-day extravaganza in March.

The volunteers and staff getting ready for the event were lucky enough to enjoy flawless skies and 70 degree weather for their review of all the thousands of details which go into a successful USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Led by VP Conferences Joe Aldridge and VP Programming Carl Lefko, along with Interim VP Special Operations Bill Teague, the group rewarded themselves after a long morning of work with an outdoor lunch at a Mexican restaurant, just a few blocks from the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

VP Conferences Joe Aldredge, left, looks over the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center with Special Exhibit Coordinator Mike Murphy and Robert Halasz from Freeman, Inc., the convention decorator.

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Finance Committee Meets in Syracuse

Less than a week later several members of the Institute's Finance Committee met to review both long and short term financial issues. Although Treasurer Larry Hill, Immediate Past President Bill Byrnes, President-Elect John Uthoff, Joe Aldridge, and Directors at Large Jean Montgomery and Tom Young did not take anyone up on the offer of outdoor ice skating, there was discussion on the staff's tenacity on demonstrating that it is never too cold to snow.

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Ballots Counted

Back at the office in Syracuse, New York the next weekend, the below zero temperatures did not discourage a series of visitors. Secretary Patricia Dennis was on hand to count the member ballots which determine the leadership of USITT. She was joined by VP Membership & Development Elynmarie Kazle, who helped with the ballot counting and reviewed future plans with staff. Elynmarie was kind enough to bring along a soccer ball for a little light exercise amidst the snowdrifts.


Secretary Pat Dennis, left, and VP Membership & Development Elynmaire Kazle count ballots in the USITT offices.

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Long Beach Long Riders

Time is running short to support the Long Beach Long Riders, that lovable bunch which is riding from North Carolina to the Annual Conference & Stage Expo on motorcycles. Check out the web site, to make a pledge to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Or volunteer to drive the support vehicle. Or join the riders for a meal or a beverage. Or offer support when the bikes and riders arrive in Long Beach at Stage Expo.

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Tony Walton Honored - Again!

March will be an especially busy month for USITT's Keynote speaker, Tony Walton. On March 26, 2004 he will receive the first Robert L.B. Tobin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theatrical Design. This award extends the previously awarded Theatre Development Fund/Irene Sharaff Awards for Costume Design. All the awards will be given at ceremonies in New York, New York.

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Information Needed

Since USITT is an organization whose members connect to one another, we're asking your help in connecting to find the following members with whom we have lost touch. We are currently seeking Lee Bates, Michael Diederich, Kevin Hawkins, Raven Jakubowski, Chris Johnsen, Melissa Lewis, and Rachel Moll

Help us stay in contact with these members whose dues are paid but who are not receiving their membership information by letting Barbara Lucas know where they can be found. Call 800-93USITT or e-mail with information.

If any of our members move, even if just for a short time, please let USITT know about the change. It is as easy as visiting and clicking on the Update Member Information link from our home page.

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