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MARCH 2004
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HOA's First Conference a Success

The Heart of America Regional Section held the first of what is planned as an annual fall/winter conference on December 20, 2003 at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Various professional development sessions were held including DMX theory and troubleshooting, wireless mic selection and practice, and a VectorWorks / AutoCAD shootout. All states of the HOA were represented (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma). There were vendors from around the region attending and showing their products. Special thanks go to Allied Theatre Crafts, Inc., XS Lighting, Jim Lane, and Anthony Perry for their assistance.

At the business meeting, the by-laws were successfully clarified and updated after four years of work. The HOA Tech / Production Conference Grant program, which covers the registration costs for the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo, was adapted to meet the changing needs of the organization. A third category, young professional, was added to the categories of undergraduate and graduate students. It was also decided that the announcement of the grant winners would be made the year prior to the conference so recipients could make arrangements with their classes and supervisors.

This was a great first step for HOA. Members are looking forward to the next regional conference being planned for September 10 to12, 2004.

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Ohio Valley to Rock & Roll

The Ohio Valley Regional Section is further refining its plans for a Spring Conference at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Watch the web site for details on the event, which is planned for April 24, 2004.

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