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MARCH 2004
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Volunteers are needed by the Costume Commission to serve as Session Assistants and Recorders. USITT members are also urged to participate in the Personal Portfolio Review, Costume Poster Session, and Show and Tell. The picture on the left is from Participants in Foam: The Other Costume Material, at the 43rd Conference & Stage Expo.

by Patricia Martin
Costume Design & Technology Commission


Costume Design & Technology Commission Opportunities at the Long Beach Conference

If Long Beach is the first USITT conference you will attend or your tenth, there are a number of ways to become active in the Costume Design & Technology Commission at its annual conference. It is an incredibly energized and motivated commission because members are eager to share their expertise, knowledge, and time. Those who would like to volunteer their talents should contact the chair of a conference activity to learn more and sign up. Those attending the costume commission meeting at Long Beach can learn more about upcoming symposia, ongoing and new costume projects, publishing opportunities, and other ways to become more involved in the Costume Design & Technology Commission.

Session Assistants
Contact: William Henshaw

Session Assistants are asked to be at their assigned session 20 minutes early in order to assist with lights, slides, setup, handouts, and/or water for the speakers. This is a great opportunity to meet peers and other highly respected costume designers, artisans, and directors of costuming who are participating in the sessions. Volunteers can request a specific session or Mr. Henshaw will assign volunteers to sessions.

Recorders for Sessions
Contact: Kristina Tollefson

A session recorder attends an assigned costume session, takes notes about the session, and fills out a form. These forms are returned to Ms. Tollefson who will then use these reports to write an article for Sightlines.

Personal Portfolio Review
Contact: Rafeal Jaen, Costume design portfolio co-chair

Pam Knoruek, Costume Technology co-chair

One of the benefits of being a member of USITT is the opportunity to have professionals review your portfolio. Portfolios of students or working professionals in academic or commercial theatre are reviewed. Mr. Jaen and Ms. Knoruek need professionals and educators to respond to costume design and technical portfolios.

The Costume Poster Session
Contact: Gwen Nagle, chair

At every Annual Conference & Stage Expo, as many as 20 presenters stand beside their posters which each illustrate an innovative or imaginative design or construction technique, a solution to a problem, a classroom or management technique, the results of research, or other ideas, discoveries, or developments in the field of costuming. For more information or a copy of the official rules, contact Ms. Nagle or check out the Costume Design & Technology web page.

Show and Tell
Contact: Annie O. Cleveland, chair

Costume designers and technologists have an opportunity to share their designs and techniques with all members of the Costume Commission. This event does not require a major display, a lengthy concept statement, or attendance at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Each applicant should send four to seven pictures in digital format either via e-mail or on disk of recent work that demonstrates a design style and techniques. Include a brief biography and a short description of each image.

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