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MARCH 2004
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From left are Larry Hill, Carl Lefko, Bobbi Owen, Holly Monsos, and Bill Teague.

Election of officers and Directors at Large for the Institute drew a response of 1,644 ballots by the December 15, 2003 deadline.

It was great to work with VP-Membership & Development Elynmarie Kazle, and USITT office staff Michelle Smith, Judith Jager, Barbara Lucas, Stacy Darling, Monica Merritt, and Carol Carrigan, as we spent a great day together in Syracuse counting ballots and certifying the election.

The leadership thanks USITT members for their willingness to take the time, express preferences, and vote to determine the leadership of the organization.

Larry Hill was elected as the Institute's Treasurer. Vice-Presidents, all of whom will serve two year terms, are: Bobbi Owen, VP Communications; Carl Lefko, VP Programming; Holly Monsos, VP Sections & Chapters; and Bill Teague, VP Special Operations. They will take office July 1, 2004.

Elected as Directors at Large to serve three year terms were: C. Lance Brockman, Alexandra Bonds, Normand Bouchard, Gregory Horton, Dave Will, and Stephanie Young. They will begin their terms July 1, 2004.

John S. Uthoff, who is currently completing his one-year term as President-Elect, will take office as President on July 1. He will serve a two-year term.

The election process for future officers and Directors at Large starts even before the 2004 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Long Beach. A form is now available in the Members Only section of the USITT web site, This can be downloaded, filled out, and sent to William J. Byrnes, Chair of Nominations Committee, to suggest an individual to be considered for a position on the 2005 ballot.

At the Conference, members of the Nominations Committee will meet and discuss additional names of potential candidates, and determine the interest level of those whose names have been suggested. For more information on the process, contact Mr. Byrnes at

Congratulations to our new officers and Directors at Large!

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Officers & Directors Chosen For USITT Leader-

Pat Dennis
USITT Secretary