July 2014

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June 2014

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TMB: Introduces Firefly at Lightfair

At the Lightfair Show in Las Vegas, TMB  introduced Firefly’s premium LED Marquee/Festoon lighting systems to the American market. 

The Firefly range offers the “old school” look of traditional marquee/festoon lighting without the headache of constantly changing the bulbs, the risk of broken glass, and the danger and power draw of high voltage.

Available in frosted versions in warm white, cool white, and a selection of rich, deep colors, plus the revolutionary, gorgeous, warm white “Filament” bulbs, the Firefly system runs on safe 24-volt AC or DC, with shatter-proof bulbs, making it economical to operate and virtually maintenance free.  Firefly originates in Australia and is the creation of lighting designer Heath Williamson, who has over 20 years’ experience in architectural, film, and TV lighting. 

“I wanted the fantastic look of traditional bulbs,” said Heath, “but also a practical and beautiful light source.  These lights already have a proven track record of reliable performance in the extreme conditions of Australia, with its relentless sun, wild storms, wilder music festivals, and worse, the attack of the Saturday night drunk.”

Learn more about Firefly at www.tmb.com/products/firefly.  Discover other exciting and innovative products from TMB at www.tmb.com.

Alcons Audio: Historic Lucas Theatre Gets New Audio System

The story of how a group of residents from Savannah, Georgia, joined together to save the city’s historic Lucas Theatre from demolition has entered American theatrical folklore. Not content with just saving it, however, the building continues to be updated for 21st century audiences. The most recent improvement has been an Alcons Audio system, which has delivered superb sound without impacting on the venue’s aesthetics.

Originally opened in 1921, dwindling audiences saw the Lucas Theatre close in 1976. Various attempts to convert it to different uses came to nothing and a decade later the derelict building was on the brink of demolition. But a spirited local campaign saw the venue purchased and the start of what would ultimately be a 14 year, $14 million restoration.

Reopened in 2000 as Lucas Theatre for the Arts, the venue is supported by Savannah College of Art and Design and plays a central role in city life hosting a diverse array of films, plays, musicals, corporate events, and all kinds of live music. It also plays a key role in the annual Savannah Film Festival, staged by the college every October and attracting over 40,000 visitors.

For more information visit www.alconsaudio.com  and www.lucastheatre.com

Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas: Adds Second Level Courses

For the first time, Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas (SILV) is expanding a class to Second Tier where alumni of the basic class are offered an advanced opportunity.

Founder Don Childs talked about one day expanding to a second level. Brian Gale, who heads up  the Movers and Digital Media session, and his team have said that now is the time. This summer, a second tier Movers and Digital Media course will be offered. A  select group of SILV alumni from throughout all of the previous years have been invited to apply for the three to six openings. They will have the option to specialize in Movers Week 7 (July 20 to 26),  Digital Media  Week 8 (July 27 to  August  2), or both weeks (July 20-August 2).

SILV is continues to offer its Seal of Qualification in Audio, Lighting Technology, and Movers and Digital Media. www.stagecraftinstitute.com

IATSE: Housekeeping Staff Organize in Toronto

IATSE Local B-173 has organized the housekeeping staff at the North York Performing Arts Centre, commonly known as the Toronto Centre for the Arts in Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto Centre for the Arts opened its doors in 1993 and has become one of the city’s major theatrical venues, with four separate theatres.  Between the 1,727-seat Main Stage Theatre, the 1,036-seat George Weston Recital Hall, the 200-seat Studio Hall and the open-space Gallery, the TCA is able to offer the perfect room for any production.

At the April 24 vote, the employees made their wishes clear with a unanimous vote for IATSE representation.  The Ontario Labour Relations Board issued the certification on May ‎5.  The new Local B-173 members join the stagehands, already represented by IATSE Local 58, and look forward to negotiating their first collective agreement with the TCA.

GLP: Lights Up Club's New Oak Room

The Hospital Club, the private members' club and creative arts venue in London’s Covent Garden, has unveiled the Oak Room, a new 100-capacity live performance and showcase space, which includes GLP impression fixtures.

Designed by the award-winning Russell Sage Studio, the Oak Room will serve up an eclectic range of outstanding entertainment for members, from DJs and live performances (featuring some of the United Kingdom’s best music acts) to high-end comedy, cabaret, and jazz nights.

Richard Martin Lighting (RML) supplied an all-GLP impression solution, equipping the room with 12 special chrome GLP impression 90s.

RC4 Wireless: Missouri Team Wins Automation Challenge

The team from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, has won the Stage Directions and RC4 Wireless Automation Challenge with the design and build of their Roo-bot automated platform.

The challenge spurred colleges and universities to design a four-foot square automated platform that used RC4 Wireless’ new RC6 Wireless Motion system. RC4 Wireless then loaned the gear necessary to realize these drawings to the finalists. By winning the contest, the team from UMKC will keep all the gear used for their platform, a prize package worth approximately $10,000.

"I’m very proud of my students,” said Charles Bell, assistant teaching professor at UMKC and advisor on this project. The UMKC team consisted of: Kaleb Krahn, Logan Schoenbaechler, Chris Stepanek, and Adam Terry (all first year grad students in technical direction); Chris Winnemann and Patti Goebel (second year grad students in technical direction); and Adam Raine (a second year grad student studying lighting design).

“All the teams did a great job of considering all the ways a mobile, untethered stage-automation platform could be used in theatre,” said James David Smith, president and founder of RC4 Wireless. “Our winner, UMKC, set a new bar for how low-profile a platform of this kind can be.”

Click here for more info.

Members of the Purdue team (on the left) and the University of Missouri, Kansas City teams with RC4 Wireless staff at the 2014 USITT show in Fort Worth. Left to right: Alex Owens, Scott Billik, Sean Dane (sales director at RC4 Wireless), Steve Hnath, Loren Schreiber (technical director and professor at the School of Theatre, Television and Film at San Diego State University), Ian Phillips (head of automation at the Stratford Festival), James David Smith (president of RC4 Wireless), Logan Schoenbaechler, Chris Stepanek, Chris Winnemann, and Charles Bell.