February 2014

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February 2014

Ann Roth Honored with Award, Monograph
Ann Roth's 50 year career in costume design for stage, film, and television will be celebrated with both a Distinguished Achievement Award and the launch of a new book in March... more »

Shirley Prendergast's Luminous Career Celebrated
Making history as a lighting designer, Shirley Prendergast is a trailblazer whose career will be celebrated with a Distinguished Achievement Award in Lighting in Fort Worth... more »

Sound Designer Janie Bullard: A Rising Star
The 10th annual Rising Star Award sponsored by LDI2014/Live Design will be presented to a sound designer whose innovative talents are already in demand... more »

Action Design Returns for Third Engagement
Be creative….but hurry! Rose Brand's 2014 design contest is sure to be a challenge to those chosen to participate. Applications are now online... more »

A Whirlwind Weekend of Mentoring
Katie Fecht, a winner in the 2013 Find a Fellow contest describes her experiences in Minnesota and her mentor, Jean Montgomery, gives her point of view. PLUS find out how you can participate in 2014...

From the President: Thinking and Growing
Partnerships and relationships are all part of thinking, and learning, and growing... more »

USITT's Executive Director: Diversity's Many Forms
As we challenge ourselves to examine the diversity within the organization and the industry, there are multiple ways to approach the issue... more »

Hands on Beading
A special session at the 2014 Annual Conference will focus on the art and techniques of tambour beading with instruction and information from two master beaders... more »

Safety & Health Highlights
Whether it is Learning from Accidents, to Hearing Protection and Conservation, even hearing testing, will be part of the lineup in Fort Worth this March... more »

Scene Design & Technology Portfolio Tips
Portfolio reviews by independent evaluators can be extremely helpful. Ann Cadaret gives invaluable suggestions on how to prepare ... more »

Earn AIA Credits in Fort Worth
Several of the sessions offered by the Architecture Commission in March will be eligible for AIA CSE credits, including walking tours and in-depth discussions... more »

Texas Seasonings
Fort Worth is going to be strutting its stuff at sessions and workshops, showing off and sharing some of what makes the area special... more »

Portfolio Reviews in 2014
For those attending the 2014 Annual Conference, take the opportunity to have a portfolios reviewed by a team of professionals -- a great step at any career stage... more »

The Last Word – Leon Brauner
As a USITT Fellow and Past President, Leon Brauner has a broad range of experience to reflect upon as he shares his knowledge... more »