March 2011

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March 2011


Scene Commission Outlines Activities

Karen Maness and Frank Ludwig
Scene Design & Technology Co-Commissioners

The False Faces of W.T. Benda was both an extremely popular exhibit at Stage Expo and a special session at the 2010 Annual Conference. The Scene Design & Technology Commission is currently looking for similar ideas for the 2012 Annual Conference.

Photo/R Finkelstein

Call for Session and PDW Proposals:

The Charlotte 2011 Conference & Stage Expo is nearly here, and the Commission is busily preparing programming for the Long Beach 2012 Conference & Stage Expo. Send session ideas and contact information to incoming VC of Programming Casey Kearns Session proposals also may be submitted at the Commission meetings in Charlotte.

Change of Leadership:

Co-Commissioner Frank Ludwig will be stepping down from his position this summer. He will remain active within the Commission heading up special project and interests. The Commission is working to identify a future Co-Commissioner. Karen Maness will remain as Co-Commissioner. Contact her directly about Commission needs at

Michelle Harvey has spent countless hours of service as the Commission's Programmer. Charlotte will mark the completion of her third conference in this role. Casey Kearns is incoming Programmer and can be reached at

International Liaison Jan Chambers will be taking over for Treva Reimer.

Teaching Load Survey:

Frank Ludwig is gathering information on teaching loads and how they are applied in college and university productions. The surveys will be available at the Commission meetings. He can be contacted directly at

Web Presence coming soon!

USITT would like to channel all official Commission communications through the central USITT website. Until then, contact any leader directly via e-mail.

For a complete listing of Scene Design & Technology Commission conference offerings, visit:

2010-2011 USITT Scene Design & Technology Commission Leadership

  • Co-Commissioner: Karen Maness
  • Co-Commissioner: Frank Ludwig
  • Vice-Commissioner for Programming: Michelle Harvey
  • Incoming Vice-Commissioner for Programming: Casey Kearns
  • Vice-Commissioner for Computers: Dennis Hassan
  • Vice-Commissioner for Education: Richard Larsen
  • Vice-Commissioner for Health & Safety: Robert Berls
  • Vice-Commissioner for Scenic Art: Gregg Buck
  • Vice-Commissioner for Heritage: Arden Weaver
  • Vice-Commissioner for Props: Liz Pompiel
  • Vice Commissioner for International Liaison: Jan Chambers
  • Vice-Commissioner for Student Affairs: Anne McMeeking
  • Vice-Commissioner for Past Commissioner Nadine Charlsen
  • Vice-Commissioner for Projects and Symposia: Ken Martin
  • Vice-Commissioner for Scene Design: Casey Kearns
  • Vice-Commissioner for Publications Liaison: Heidi F. Hoffer
  • Co Vice Commissioner for Publications Liaison: Richard Larsen
  • Immersive Design Liaison: Panela Leung
  • Portfolio Review Co-Coordinator: Rob Eastman-Mullins
  • Portfolio Review Co-Coordinator: Ann Cadaret