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USITT will give nine Awards for Young Designers & Technicians in the Performing Arts at the 2005 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Toronto in March. A sample of the work submitted by these talented young artists in support of their applications is shown below. To allow the page to be viewed quickly, these images have been cropped and crowded together. You are encouraged to click on the images to see the full pictures, if you have a high speed connection.

Nicholas Vaughan
W. Oren Parker Scene Design Award
Rebecca Perrenod Lanctot
Frederick A. Buerki Golden Hammer Scenic Technology Award
Sarah Lock
Kryolan Makeup Design Award
Kimi Maeda
Rose Brand Award for Scene Design

Bradlee Ward
Clear-Com Intercom Systems Sound Achievement Award

Other images and more information about the awards can be found here and on the cover of this issue.