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Members of the WSD 2005 International Selection Jury are, from left, front, Rose Werckx (scenographer, editor, Belgium), Susan Benson (costume/set designer, Canada), Dawn Chiang (lighting designer, USA), Duncan Chang (sound design, engineering, Taiwan), back, Arnold Aronson (author, historian, editor, USA), Eduardo Sicangco (set, costume designer, USA/Philippines), and Charlie Richmond (sound designer, England and Canada).

Photo/Eric Fielding


Gallery Exhibit Designs Chosen For
World Stage Design 2005

Eric Fielding
Director, WSD 2005

The WSD 2005 International Selection Jury convened in New York City September 24 and 25 with the difficult task of selecting just 20 percent of the most outstanding designs submitted.

When it concluded its work, the jury had selected 82 of the 494 eligible set designs, 55 of 244 eligible costume designs, 40 of the 140 eligible lighting designs, and 11 of the 28 eligible sound designs. The designs chosen by the Selection Jury will be presented in physical form in the WSD Gallery Exhibit section of the World Stage Design 2005 exhibition. All of the 932 designs submitted to WSD 2005 will be presented in image and/or audio form in the WSD Digital Exhibit (on large video screens and interactive computers) and will be published in the print and digital catalogs.

While the Selection Jury made decisions based solely on the images (or, in the case of the sound designs, on the basis of a seven-minute audio track), the production title, and an indication of geographic region (Americas, Europe, Asia, and Other), members were pleased that the 188 designs selected for the Gallery Exhibit represent the work of a broad international spectrum of designers from 35 of the 43 nations participating in WSD 2005.

To see a list of all the designers participating in WSD 2005 or the list of the designs selected for the Gallery Exhibit in each of the four design categories, visit the "News & Updates" section of the WSD 2005 website:

Work is moving forward with various elements of WSD 2005 including the design of the physical exhibition environment, the creation of the WSD Digital Exhibit presentation, and the preparation of the print and digital catalogs. Thanks and appreciation were expressed to all those participating in or supporting the inaugural presentation of this new international celebration of design for the performing arts. World Stage Design 2005 will be presented in Toronto during March concurrently with the 2005 OISTAT World Congress and the 2005 USITT Conference & Stage Expo.

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