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John Bracewell Retiring

We offer congratulations and best wishes to John Bracewell who is retiring from Ithaca College at the end of the academic year. Mr. Bracewell, who received USITT's Distinguished Achievement Award for Sound Design in 2001, has been with the Theatre Arts Department of Ithaca College since 1973. He is the author of Sound Design in the Theatre, and has held numerous leadership positions within USITT, including serving as Commissioner of both the Education and Sound commissions at different times. He was also a Director at Large.

Mr. Bracewell has designed sound and composed music for more than 70 productions since becoming involved in theatre in 1962, and has supervised at least as many student designs.

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Sightlines Changes Publication Schedule

Starting in January, Sightlines will be published 12 times a year, making it truly a monthly publication. This continues the trend started in 2001 when the publication added an 11th issue. In 2005, members can expect to see coverage of the Conference more quickly than in the past, when a combined April/May issue meant delays until June for a Conference recap.

Sightlines deadlines are also changing, to allow faster turn-around of news and take advantage of our new electronic format. Deadlines for each issue will be the first of the month preceding publication, with the new issue available to members online during the last week of the month prior to when the issue is dated.

This means members will receive a holiday treat, since the January issue will be posted online to fill the gap between the celebration of the winter solstice and New Year's Day football.

As always, an e-mail notice or postcard reminder will be sent to members once the issue becomes available.

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ETS-LDI Update

Volunteers, board members, and staff all had fun meeting new people and renewing acquaintances at the ETS-LDI show in Las Vegas. (See John Uthoff's report on Board activities.) We had a great time talking to all who stopped by and were scanned for a chance to win a Conference registration for 2005.

Lucky winner was Lisa Pantano who works with John Weeks in Ridgefield, New Jersey. We hope to see her in Toronto next March.

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Missing Information

It seems there are always a few of our members with whom we have trouble communicating. Although we make every effort to keep membership information up to date, there are inevitably a few lapses.

We are currently seeking correct information on the following members: Jennifer Darconte, Steven Eheart, Susan Fisette, Lindsey Gardner, Lilly Helm, Lillian Landeo, Leonel Ledezma, Valerie Light, and Eric Wenzel. Several are students, and perhaps have moved more than once, making it difficult to stay in touch with USITT. If you have contact information for any of these people, please tell Barbara E.R. Lucas by calling 800-938-7488 or e-mail

The fastest way to know when the latest issue of Sightlines is available is to make sure USITT’s records have a current e-mail. Updating anything from an address, to a telephone number, to a job title, is as easy as completing the update form here.

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