November 2016

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November 2016

Member Spotlight: Props Master Jeff Bazemore
Q&A with Jeff Bazemore, USITT Early Career Member and Props Master at the Philadelphia Theatre Company... more »

Member Author: Karen Maness and the Hidden Lives of Scenic Artists
The stories of Hollywood scenic artists have been kept under wraps for years, until Karen Maness dove into the colorful world of Hollywood’s best kept secret... more »

Cowboy Boots, Costumes, and Lights, Oh My!
USITT Board Member Elynmarie Kazel represented USITT at the "Wild, Wild OCTA Conference" and its USITT sponsored Tech Rodeo... more »

2017 Board Officers Elections
Meet the candidates eligible for Officer positions at USITT, and place your ballots... more »

USITT Names New Fellows
We are pleased to announce that Judy Adamson and Rich Dunham will be inducted as Fellows at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo in St. Louis... more »

Lighting Master Tupac Martir Shines with Lux Festival
USITT members both student and professional are invited to create video projection mapping on a canvas of a building in Cartagena, Colombia. USITT will fund the top winners travel and housing in Cartegena... more »

Gateway Program Provides Lasting Connections
The deadline for the Gateway Program is fast approaching, remember to submit all nominations and applications by Nov. 25... more »

USITT’s President: Measurable Outcomes
The impact USITT has on its members cannot be captured in a spreadsheet. Mark Shanda goes behind the numbers to point out where we profit most... more »

Spotlight on Giving
Professor, costume designer, and USITT Fellow Sandy Bonds on giving back and paying it forward to create opportunities for others... more »

USITT's Executive Director: Why Not Think Outside the Box?
David Grindle on the creativity of set design with a bit of cardboard and a lot of tape... more »

Boost Your Career at USITT 2017
The Conference & Stage Expo offers networking and career building opportunities for student and early career members and attendees... more »

Last Word: A Generational Network
Ben and Elizabeth Shurr share their lineage with USITT President Mark Shanda and how networking can lead to more than just business opportunities... more »