May 2015

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May 2015

Praque Quadrennial Spreads its Wings
The USITT/USA exhibit will be one part of PQ which is holding events throughout the city of Prague during June... more »

Rose Brand Action Design Competitors Stand Out
Four teams of strangers, four themes, and a whole lot of creativity were on display in Cincinnati, and a time lapse of the competition adds to the fun... more »

Stage / Set / Scenery in Germany
An international trade fair and conference, with more than 250 exhibitors and thousands of visitors will open June 9 in Berlin... more »

Election of officers and announcement of a new member highlighted the American Society of Theatre Consultants meeting in March... more »

Diversity in Action
Showcasing the results of 20 years of USITT’s commitment to human issues and diversity, and the synergy to make more progress... more »

USITT Fellows “Found”
Two diligent students were able to identify six selected Fellows of the Institute and were chosen to receive Conference registration for two years... more »

Characters added to Q2Q
After a huge signing session for his webcomic, Steve Younkins is adding even more crew members to his stable of characters... more »

In Memoriam: Kevin Seligman
Costume designer, author, and former Costume Design & Technology Commissioner Kevin Seligman died in London... more »

Spotlight on Giving: John Gruber
I donate because USITT invested in me... more »

USITT’s President: Thanking Volunteer Officers
The 2015 Annual Conference included a last in-person meeting for several members of the Board of Directors who are completing their terms... more »

Executive Director: Throwing a Great Party
While the Tony’s will not be recognizing sound designers and their contribution this year, people are finding ways to celebrate collaboration... more »

Words of Wisdom from 2015
A few gems of wisdom gleaned from the conversation between the first Wally Russell Mentor and USITT’s Distinguished Achievement Award winners... more »

Generosity at USITT Helps Behinds the Scenes Charity
Raffles, auctions, and donations helped BTS continue to grow and increase its ability to support backstage professionals in need... more »

SILV Selects Winner
Michael Brandt will benefit from a collaboration between SILV and the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival... more »

Student Scenic Painting Challenge
Young scenic artists took to the floor of Stage Expo to show off their skills and then have their work reviewed... more »

The Last Word – Everybody out of the Building
A fire alarm creates a time to consider how and what should be done before, during, and after a potential emergency... more »