April 2015

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April 2015

Conference & Stage Expo

Couldn’t Get to Cincinnati? Get the Recordings!

Janet Gramza Communications Associate

The distinguished achievers in conversation is just one of the sessions from the 2015 Annual Conference which USITT is making available as a recording.

In response to many requests, USITT is offering recordings from the Cincinnati 2015 Conference & Stage Expo.

USITT has video recordings of several special events, including the opening keynote by Karamu House Artistic Director Terrence Spivey and the panel of Distinguished Achievement Award Winners in Conversation, the meeting of the brilliant minds honored for 2015.

Audio recordings with images from session presentations are available for 60+ sessions, grouped by Commission, and each group will include the special event videos. Each group is $45. The entire Conference is $175. The downloadable file can be used as a teaching resource, a refresher, or to catch up on sessions people were unable to attend in person in Cincinnati.

The recordings will be available later in April.

Here’s a sample of what’s included for each commission group:

All Packages will include:

  • Keynote Address & Annual Membership Meeting
  • A Celebration of Wisdom & Achievement (Fellow & YD&T Awards)
  • USITT 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award Winners in Conversation

Education Commission:

  • 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award in Education – Wendall Harrington
  • How to Work Smart, Not Harder: Wireless Devices
  • Scenography – Is That Even a Real Word?
  • Training Our Future Assistants
  • Showcase of Online Education Resources
  • The Ex Factor (Tactics for Awkward Situations at Work)

Costume Design & Technology Commission:

  • USITT 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award in Costume Design – Jane Greenwood
  • The Costumes & Costumers of the Cincinnati Ballet
  • Green Clothing Outside Oz: Environmentally Conscious Costuming
  • Using Technology to Optimize Your Costume Shop
  • Breaking Borders: Designing Away from Home

Management Commission:

  • USITT 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award in Management – Teresa Eyring
  • On the Road Again: Tours and the Riders that Go with Them
  • Fight Fair – Stage Combat Safety & Management
  • Loves, Labors, Lawsuits – Harassment Awareness & Legal Issues
  • It’s Not All About the Donuts: Managing Internship Opportunities
  • Body Language: Reading Every Body
  • Tell It Like It Is – Accountability Conversations

Technical Production Commission:

  • USITT 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award in Technical Direction – Loren Schreiber
  • So You Want to Fly. Have You Thought About ….?
  • CAD Drafting Tips & Tricks
  • Fundamentals: Flat Production Techniques
  • Physics of Theatre: Dynamics of Performer Flying
  • Collaboration Technology
  • Strategies for Developing Problem-based Learning Environments
  • CNC What? Unusual CNC Application
  • Welding Safety
  • Structural Design for the Stage, Second Edition
  • Decrypting the New Performer Flying Standard

Scene Design & Technology Commission:

  • USITT 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award in Scene Design – Douglas W. Schmidt
  • Game Design and Theatre
  • Digital Content Creation for Projection Design
  • You Used What? Unconventional Materials & Styles in Scene Design
  • The British Are Leaving! Post-Independence Indian Scene Design
  • Alternative Avenue: Design Beyond the Theatre

Lighting Design & Technology Commission:

  • Why Can’t I Use Green? Lighting & Color for Multi-Ethnic Casts
  • Light Board Programmer Tips & Tricks
  • LEDs Can’t What? Compensating for LED Fixture Faults
  • Resume & Cover Letter Working Session
  • Media Servers Part 2

Engineering Commission:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Loads in Mechanical System Design
  • Stage Machinery Brake Design & Selection
  • Emergency Stop Systems: How Safe is Safe Enough?

Safety & Health Commission:

  • Safe Design Series: Costume Design Done Safely
  • Safety Inspections 101 – Basic Facility Inspections & Risk Assessments
  • Safety Inspections 202 – I Inspected, Now What?
  • I’ve Got My Halloween Fog Machine, They’re All the Same, Right?
  • Air Quality in the Scenic Shop
  • PLASA Standards – Where are they? What are they? How do I use them?
  • How to Be an Advocate for Safety in Your Organization

Architecture Commission:

  • University of Cincinnati: Life of a Theatre Designer/Architecture Student
  • Unconventional Relationships for Finding Funding: Public, Not-for-Profit, Non-Profit
  • Immersive Production: Audience & Performance Blending
  • Getting to the Core: Footsteps to Becoming a Theatre Designer
  • Media-Tecture – How Projection is Animating Architecture
  • I’m Young, New, and Don’t Want My Job to Hurt Me
  • How Theatre Pedagogy is Shaping the Future of Theatre Renovation
  • Changing Expectations: Theatrical Demands on Class & Conference Rooms
  • Re-Purposing Existing University Facilities for Performance – Case Studies
  • Modern Concert Halls: Accommodating Expanding Needs

Architecture sessions that have been approved for AIA/CES credit at the Conference may be eligible for self-reporting.