April 2015

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April 2015

Scenes from Cincinnati 2015
The Queen City welcomed USITT guests who enjoyed great venues, spectacular sessions, and... more »

Costuming in the Big Apple
The 2016 Costume Symposium in New York City will be more than bright lights, it will be outstanding costumes, lectures, and tours... more »

Providing and Promoting Safe Rigging
A new Rigging Master Class will honor Jay O. Glerum, and #RigSafe day on April 24 both promote safe stages... more »

Catch our Rising Star
A question and answer session with Chris Wood, winner of the 2015 Rising Star award sponsored by LDI/Live Design... more »

Spotlight on Giving
Continuing support for USITT programs and services is always appreciated... more »

USITT’s President: The Business of USITT
The 2015 Annual Meeting, part of the Keynote session, is just one of the times when USITT leadership shines... more »

Executive Director: Safety is Always a Priority
April gives us an opportunity to look at ways we can keep stages safer throughout the year... more »

Recordings from the 2015 Conference
Sessions, from the Keynote, to the Distinguished Achievement Award winners, to The Ex Factor will be available post-Conference... more »

Stage Expo a Record-Breaker... Again
More exhibitors, more features, and more excitement characterized the 2015 version of Stage Expo in Cincinnai... more »

The Last Word – Snapshots of 2015
A few more images that help capture the flavor and excitement of March 18-21 in Cincinnati... more »