October 2013

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October 2013

Dana Taylor – Distinguished Educator
"One of the most knowledgeable people involved in technical theatre education" will be honored with a Distinguished Achievement Award... more »

Grants Assist Research
Deadline is January 10 for the next round of funding by USITT for creative pursuits... more »

Maximize Savings with Freight Shipping Plan
Save on inbound and third-party shipping! more »

Creating Safer Schools
Aiming to reach an ever broader audience, the USITT Rigging Safety Initiative provide both an inspection and education to secondary schools across the country... more »

International Artist Collaboration
Apply now for USITT funding that fosters cooperation between colleges and universities to bring international artists into their communities... more »

From the President: The Story is...
USITT's president believes strongly that storytelling is what unites us... more »

USITT's Executive Director: The Artists Among Us
We sometimes become so used to the massive amount of creativity we see and engage with each day, it can take a special setting to open our eyes... more »

David Hale Hand – Fellows Update
USITT Past President and Fellows David Hale Hand may be "retired" but still stays active... more »

Get (re) Engaged
There are creative ways to get involved in the current projects of the Costume Design & Technology Commission, or propose a new initiative... more »

Education Posters Needed
Be part of the Education Commission Poster Session and share knowledge with colleagues across the broad spectrum of learning... more »

Hands-On Learning at Costume Sessions
The 2014 Annual Conference will again feature special hands-on learning from the Costume Design & Technology Commission, but what is coming in 2015???... more »

Changes Coming
New ways of engaging, and new places for conversation (with coffee, too) are coming to Fort Worth... more »

Adding International Flair
USITT is creating a special pavilion where our colleagues from Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and beyond can make connections... more »

The Last Word — Starting the Season
The humor of Michael Devine strikes a chord as the season begins... more »