August 2013

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July 2013


Costume Communities Stay in Touch – Virtually

Kristina Tollefson Costume Design & Technology Commission

The Costume Design & Technology Online Communities continue to support members, and two of the most popular offerings are the Costume Info and Costume Locator e-mail lists.

Members can exchange sources, ideas, techniques, and products used in any area of theatrical costuming on the Costume Info list. Subscribers post questions ranging from machinery recommendations to dye techniques, textbooks, web sources, internships, and job openings. This list does not accept rental inquiries of any kind. To join the Costumer's Info list, send a blank e-mail to Kristina Tollefson ( is moderator.

The Costume Locator service is the place to send any rental inquiries large or small. Inquiries have ranged from a single suit to the Equus heads to entire productions. No request is too large or too small. Archive searches can provide information on whether someone has posted a particular item in the past. The list is only responsible for getting people in touch with each other, not for transaction processes. To subscribe to the Costume Locator service, send a blank e-mail to Kevin McCluskey ( is moderator.

List moderators must approve each request or post, so it is normal for there to be a few days from the time of posting to the distribution of messages.
The main features of both lists can be accessed through e-mail alone, but both lists have web pages to access additional resources. Both lists allow the choice of individual message format or digest format which compiles all of the day's messages into one e-mail. New members are automatically subscribed to the individual message format and can switch to digest by sending an e-mail to or

Anyone may belong to either list or both. For additional information, contact the list moderators.