August 2013

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July 2013

New YD&T Award
Bernhard Works saw the need for an additional Award for Young Designers & Technicians, so he created one. It will be given for the first time in 2014... more »

To Exhibit at WSD
Fourteen designers from the United States will have their work included in the upcoming World Stage Design exhibits in Cardiff, Wales... more »

Board Meeting Ends Year
New appointments and new initiatives were all part of the last USITT Board meeting of the fiscal year... more »

New Staff Member at USITT
The National Office gained another experienced "numbers" person when Lori Furcinito joined the staff... more »

Students Working on PQ 2015
Four students, working with two faculty mentors, will help create the Student Exhibit for the 2015 edition of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space... more »

From the President: On the Road Again for USITT
The past few months have been filled with opportunities to make new connections and increase awareness of what USITT does, both locally and internationally... more »

USITT's Executive Director: The Journey Makes the Destination
Traveling the road to more member services and greater recognition of USITT and its mission is more about the journey... more »

2013 Costuming Sessions
A look back at the great sessions offered in Milwaukee by the Costume Design & Technology Commission... more »

Signs of the Times – old and new
A professional development workshop on sign painting, led by Rachel Keebler, provided tips and techniques, and good humor... more »

Costume Communities Stay in Touch – Virtually
The Costume Design & Technology Online Communities continue to support members, and two of the most popular offerings are the Costume Info and Costume Locator e-mail lists... more »

Fort Worth Museums
Everyone seems to associate Fort Worth with cowboys, and for good reason, but museums have a very prominent place in the cultural life of USITT's 2014 host city... more »

Sponsorship Opportunities
There are amazing opportunities for companies to be front and center when USITT goes to Fort Worth next March, with the variety design to fit any corporate need... more »

The Last Word — Opera
Everyone has a different level of familiarity with this unique form of performance... more »