July 2011

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July 2011

News & Notices:


July 10 Nomination Deadline for Rock Our World Awards

Nominations are open for PLASA’s fourth annual Rock Our World Awards, which recognize groundbreaking achievement by PLASA members. Designed to acknowledge the genius of both the creator of technology and the designers or integrators who apply it, these awards were originated by ESTA and continue as a worldwide program under PLASA.

2010 contestants showcased a wide variety of achievements, from the simplest problem solver to complex uses of technology that extended the boundaries of entertainment technology. Anyone may nominate a PLASA member for the awards. Nominations for the 2011 awards must have been introduced to market or taken place between October 1, 2009 and June 30, 2011 and must not have been previously nominated. Nominations close July 10.

A panel of judges include well-known industry veterans and rising young stars, and finalists will be announced in early September at PLASA’s annual dinner at the LDI show.

Submit nominations and view more info at www.plasa.org/rock.

August 1 Deadline for IALD Student Support

The application process for USITT's support of students to attend IALD is now open, but the deadline is August 1.

Up to 10 USITT student members will receive financial support to attend the Enlighten Americas Conference 2011 September 22 and 23 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The financial support is made possible through a grant from The USITT Commissioner Fund. Apply online here.

For 2011, there is a $1,000 award per student to help cover registration, travel, food and hotel.

Applications include submission of a portfolio of one to four projects on the official portfolio template. For questions, contact Jill Mulholland at jill@iald.org. 

Applying for Tenure? Need Guidance?

Anyone who is part of the tenure process would benefit from USITT's first tenure preparation workshop, which will be held in conjunction with the Educational Theatre Association's conference in Chicago, Illinois September 23 and 24.

Session include how to express work as research to non-theatre faculty reviewers with breakouts for research universities and for liberal arts schools; preparing to submit proposals to publishers; finding appropriate outside reviewers and available resources; and individual dossier reviews.

Presenters include Mark Shanda, Dean of Arts and Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio State University; Dennis Dorn, retired faculty and frequent outside reviewer from University of Wisconsin; Tony Hardin, associate professor of set and lighting design at the University of Kentucky; Shane Kelly, head of theatre technology, DePaul University; and Sarah Brewer, associate professor of theatre arts, Rocky Mountain College.

For more information or to register, click here.

Draft Powered Rigging Standards in Public Review

Two of the several documents that make up the E1.6 project for powered rigging systems in the entertainment industry are available for public review on the PLASA website.

  • BSR E1.6-1 - 201x, Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems, deals with powered winches that are not serially manufactured electric chain hoists. These are most often wire rope winches that are installed as part of a powered rigging system. The document is intended to establish requirements for the design, manufacture, inspection, and maintenance of powered hoist systems for lifting and suspending loads in theatres and other places of public assembly. It is in public review through July 11.
  • BSR E1.6-4 - 201x, Portable Control of Fixed-Speed Electric Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry, covers portable control systems for single-speed electric chain hoists. These systems are most often used to control one or more chain hoists being used to fly equipment or scenery in shows or events being done in arenas and convention centers. It was in public review through June 27.

Updating the NEC

USITT's Engineering Commission is preparing proposals for changes to the National Electrical Code(r) (NEC(r)) for the 2014 edition.

The 2011 edition of the National Electrical Code has been available since last fall. It is time to start the tri-annual process leading to the creation of the 2014 edition. The NEC revision process begins by the general public (you) submitting proposals to revise the Code. These proposals are due on November 4, 2011. In January 2012, the various Code Panels meet to consider these proposals and comment on them. These comments are published in the spring and are available to the public. The general public has until October 17, 2012, to comment on the Code Panels' decisions. The Code Panels meet again in November/December 2012 to consider these public comments. These decisions are published in a Report on Comments.

All proposed changes agreed on by the panels are then voted on by the membership of the National Fire Protection Association at their annual meeting in June, 2013. The new 2014 edition of the NEC will become available in the fall of 2013.

To become involved, make suggestions by writing your proposed changes on copies of the Form for Proposals for 2014 National Electrical Code available in the back of the 2011 NEC, or download the form from www.nfpa.org. In the upper left click on Codes and Standards. In the right center click on NEC Proposal form. Make sure you specify the exact wording change you propose and that you substantiate your proposal based on technical reasoning. There is an example in the back of the 2011 NEC.

To submit proposed changes directly to the NFPA, send them to the address on the proposal form to be received at the NFPA headquarters by 5:00 p.m. EST on November 4, 2011.

To have proposed changes submitted by the USITT Engineering Commission, send proposals by September 15, 2011, to: Ken Vannice, Chair, USITT 2014 NEC Committee Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., 20497 SW Teton Ave., Tualatin, OR 97062 or e-mail: kvannice@leviton.com.

July 15 Deadline for USITT Awards

There is still time to nominate for USITT's special honors and distinguished achievement awards. Online submissions must be completed by July 15.

Nominations are open for the USITT Award, Thomas DeGaetani Award, Special Citation, and Distinguished Achievement awards giving in specific Commission areas such as lighting design, or architecture.

The process requires supporting documents such as additional letters of support, resumes/CVs.

Nominations for those awards should be made here for special achievement awards or here for Distinguished Achievement Awards.