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Student Chapters Awarded
Project Grants

Six project grants have been awarded to USITT Student Chapters to help them with special projects or services in the coming year. The grants were announced by Holly Monsos, USITT VP for Members, Sections, & Chapters. Each of the chapters submitting proposals for special funding were awarded support.

In most cases the amounts provided are only a small portion of the total anticipated project costs. However, the grants should help bring each to fruition. Watch for more information in Sightlines as these projects go forward.

Projects receiving support are:

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato. 
    Student contact:  Corey Krolikowski
    Sponsor:  Tom Bliese
    Project -- to hold "Saturday Sessions" to educate chapter members and invited guests such as community theatre participants and high school students to new products and techniques within the industry.
  • Appalachian State
    Student contact:  Matt Backe
    Sponsor:  Alice Neff
    Project -- to buy fabric to make into capes and fairy costumes for sale at their annual Halloween Costume fundraising sale (this is in addition to the discarded costumes donated by the department).
  • Texas Christian University
    Student Contact:  Rudy Garcia III
    Sponsor:  Michael Skinner
    Project -- to help with the initial costs to purchase crew t-shirts for re-sale to crew members of the season's production.  Shirts are sold at slightly above cost as a fundraising project.
  • Pennsylvania State University
    Student contact:  John Jacobsen
    Sponsor:  William Kenyon
    Project -- Outreach education to Pennsylvania high school theatre programs. Chapter members would travel to schools to lead workshops.
  • University of North Carolina at Asheville
    Student contact:  Jessica Kammerud
    Sponsor:  Rob Bowen
    Project -- Inspired by the viral internet video, the chapter plans a lighting display at Christmas that coordinates with Christmas music in their theatre space.  Funding is for Christmas lights and adapters.
  • Bradley University
    Student contact: Tracy Domeracki
    Sponsor: William Langley
    Project -- Support for setup of the chapter's Haunted Theatre fundraiser project.

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