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USITT is pleased to announce awards that will provide up to four of its student members with significant financial support to enable them to participate in the exciting tour planned in conjunction with the Prague Quadrennial 2007. The four USITT Student Members selected will receive USITT Study Tour awards of $2,725 that reduce the cost to approximately $1,300* for the three-week tour. The students selected must also pay their own airfare to Eastern Europe and return. 

Previous participants in USITT Study Tours have contributed funds to make this incredible opportunity for students possible.

The USITT Study Tour to Central Europe leaves the United States on May 30, 2007 and returns on June 19.  The European tour begins in Zagreb and winds through Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, arriving in Prague for six days to coincide with the opening of the Prague Quadrennial 2007.

Because of the strong focus of the PQ on theatrical design, preference in the selection process will be given to upperclass (junior or senior) theatrical students or graduate students with demonstrated excellence or outstanding potential in any field related to the mission of USITT.

The special appeal of a USITT study tour is seeing both contemporary and historical theatres, meeting with designers and staffs of theatres in the cities we tour and seeing performances from other cultures. Couple this with the historical, cultural, and scenic views of each city and country and all participants will find the experience a tremendously enriching way to absorb one portion of the world's theatrical offerings.  

The tour concludes in the city of Prague with the Prague Quadrennial, the world's most important and expansive exhibition of scenery, costume, lighting, and sound designs including work from more than 55 countries. Student participants can meet other students, take part in the PQ student activities, and socialize with fellow student theatre practitioners from around the world, plus make connections with other USITT participants on the tour.

How does a student apply for one of the four study tour awards? Applicants must send an essay of no more than two pages expressing why they want to participate in this study tour and what they hope to gain from the experience. In addition, a resume including any previous international travel, and two letters from faculty must support each application. All applications will be evaluated by USITT members who are either on the International Committee or past participants of USITT study tours.

Complete application information, including a materials checklist, are available here. Application deadline is October 16, 2006.

More detailed information concerning the trip is available on the USITT website, and on links from the application. For additional information, contact the USITT office at The website includes due dates for the application, notification dates, and other information about the study tour.

*The exact cost to students depends on the airfare option chosen, plus an additional $1,300 to cover tour expenses. All breakfasts, nine lunches, and eight dinners are included in the tour package. Students will need to pay their own airfare to Europe and back.

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