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Summer BBQ in New England

It is USITT New England Regional Section summer BBQ time! Mark calendars for 1 p.m. Saturday, August 26 at the chair's house, Crystal Tiala, just like past years. There will be lots of food and snacks.

Not a member? Come anyway and check it out. Regular membership for the New England Section is $15 and registration can be done at the BBQ. Students are welcome to the BBQ for free. Member activities will be reviewed, upcoming activities will be discussed, and plans for new activities will be made. Bring a favorite memory of Alan Symonds so toasts in his honor can be made.

RSVP to Crystal Tiala at Directions to the BBQ will be sent to those responding by mid-August.

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Chesapeake EXPO Events

The Chesapeake Regional Section members are gearing up for the Section EXPO Saturday, September 16 on the campus of Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey.

In addition to a day full of workshops and vendor demonstrations, the Section will hold its inaugural Design Exhibition featuring some of the best work of its members. More information on both the EXPO and the Design Exhibition will be available soon on the Section web site, Planners look forward to seeing Section members there, and welcome anyone in the mid-Atlantic region to attend.

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Southeast Section Offers Master Classes

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is preparing to host the Southeast Regional Section Masters Class. Kelly Allison, head of design and production at UAB and the Masters Class host, has worked hard to provide a full slate of offerings. Scheduled for September 8 and 9, the preliminary program promises a wide range of workshops.

Scheduled are: The Difficult Fitting, focusing on difficult body types (Kim Schnormeier and Elizabeth Pollard); Plotting with VectorWorks Spotlight (Kelly Allison); From Classroom to Main Stage, examining how undergraduate programs train students to design; Weapons Care and Feeding (Ron Hubbard); Upholstery for the Stage (Phillip Anderson); Stage Management for Dance (Heather Jackson); and Research, Interpretation, and Application - The Design Process.

Extensive sessions are planned in Photoshop Rendering Techniques (Cliff Simon); Tutu Construction - a hands-on workshop, which may require a materials fee (Betty Smith, costumer for the Alabama Ballet); Programming Intelligent Lighting; Painting Translucent Drop; and, Stage Management (tentatively with Carey Lawless, production manager for Arena Stage in Washington, DC).

Additional sessions are being confirmed, and tours are being arranged for the Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center, the Historic Alabama Theatre, and the Historic Lyric Theatre.

For more information, visit the Section web site,

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