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Rachel Keebler, right, of Cobalt Studios showed off Handmade Scenic Painting Tools during the 2005 Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The session was one of several sponsored by exhibitors.

Photo/Casey Kearns


Exhibitor Programming Highlights

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

A variety of exhibitor-sponsored programs have been scheduled for the 2007 Conference & Stage Expo. Here are brief descriptions of some of the sessions which will be presented by exhibitors in Phoenix.

Choosing & Maintaining Sewing Machines for Your Shop
Sponsored by Period Corsets
Learn how to choose the best machines for your costume shop and how to keep the machine in working order.

Creating Graceful Skirts: Draping over Skirt Supports
Sponsored by Period Corsets
A demonstration of draping period skirts over bustles, hoops, and panniers including how to deal with fullness, grainline, style, and proportion.

Wireless Remote Control for Theatrical Applications
Sponsored by RC4 Wireless
With appropriate gear, knowledge, and maintenance, digital radio remote-control is living up to its promise facilitating outstanding lighting, motion, and visual effects. Done right, wireless dimming and motion perform on par with wired technology. This seminar introduces spread-spectrum digital radio, rechargeable batteries, high efficiency lighting (including LEDs), and safe practices when working with high-current low-voltage systems often carrying 100 amps or more.

Creating Visual Rain, Fire & Reflections with Light
Sponsored by Rosco
Every lighting designer has to do it three or four times every season! The mandate is to create a visual simulation of rain or fire or reflected water. But rain varies from drizzles to thunderstorms and fire varies from raging to smoldering. Working with ordinary spotlights and some modest accessories, Josh Alemany demonstrates how to get exactly the effect required most efficiently.

Scene Paint Binder - How to Make It Work For You
Sponsored by Rosco
The paint used for scenery, costumes, or props contains a binder that is either casein, vinyl acrylic, or latex, and the differences in results can be enormous. In this workshop, Jen Knott shows how each type of paint might be used for best results.

Lifecasting with Silicone - Make a Face Mold
Sponsored by Smooth-On
Learn how to make a face mold using silicone rubber. This session will include a hands-on demonstration of how to process the material and apply it to an artificial face, simulating making a face mold of a human subject. Each participant will make a face mold using materials provided by Smooth-On. Class size is limited to 40. A sign up sheet will be posted in the registration area.

There are still a few slots available for exhibitor sponsored programs. Contact Helen Willard at for more information.

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