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Technical Source Guide Returns

Patrick Immel
Project Editor

This month, USITT's well-regarded Technical Source Guide returns to active status.

The purpose of Technical Source Guide is to provide real world solutions to challenges faced on every production. The guides have been a source of assistance for a wide variety of technical questions. The first of the new series is available in PDF format by clicking the link below.

Although Technical Source Guide is a project of the Technical Production Commission, USITT members from all commissions are welcome to submit their ideas and solutions. Completed projects are considered by many universities and institutions of higher education to be a critically reviewed publication.

It is only through the readers of Sightlines and members of USITT that this project can grow and survive. If you have any ideas or proposals for submission, contact Patrick Immel, guide editor, at:

Technical Source Guide will be published quarterly. This year's four articles are from Michael Powers and have to do with creating "fake" fire on stage. Click here to download the PDF file of Fire Effects for the Stage - Part 1.

Past solutions from the Technical Source Guide can be found at

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Pictured above is a sample page, in miniature, from the newly reactivated Technical Source Guide.