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Buddy Combs
Co-Commissioner, Lighting Commission

On the day before the official start of the 2005 Annual Conference & Stage Expo -- Tuesday, March 15, 2005 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Lighting Commission is offering a special Professional Development Workshop, Advanced WYSIWYG/Emphasis Programming.

This is an exciting opportunity to receive in-depth training in Emphasis/WYSIWYG. This session is not intended for inexperienced WYG users. Participants will be working in teams of three with a maximum of 18 participants. Each team will have an Emphasis mentor assigned to them.  

The morning session will focus on the application of Emphasis into the design. There will be three possible selections of music from which each team will select for their show. The afternoon will be devoted to pre-cueing the design to the music in Emphasis. Each team will have its own Emphasis System and Face Plate. That evening, each team will present its design on a small rig to be evaluated by their peers and a USITT panel of judges.

Participants will be sent a questionnaire to help evaluate and determine team assignments. Participant fee is $300 and observer fee is $100. The 18 seats are filling up fast. Questions concerning the PWD should be sent to Buddy Combs at

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