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This issue of Sightlines marks a change in timing for the publication which will now be available every month of the year.

You can find the latest issue at with previous issues linked from the Sightlines home page. Bookmark the Sightlines location and find the latest news about the Institute and the industry each month. Issues will generally be available the week before the issue's date - so look for the February issue around January 25.

Members will continue to receive a gentle reminder each month, by mail or e-mail, when the issue becomes available.

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Mask Exhibition and Conference

Ron Naverson of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale is putting together a special mask exhibition and conference with a theme of transformations. The exhibition will run June 6 to December 18, 2005 and the conference, which will be an extension and capstone of the exhibition, will be held October 5 to 8, 2005. Mr. Naverson seeks suggestions and contact information for people who would be interested in giving papers, presentations, or performances at the conference, or would like complete information about the event as it draws closer. Contact him at

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Welcome, Maya

We welcome Maya Boyd as a temporary staff person in the USITT Office in Syracuse, New York. Miss Boyd, who is a December graduate of LeMoyne College with a bachelor's degree in finance, has been assisting with financial data on a part-time basis for the past few months. From now until the Conference, she will be in the office full-time helping put together the many different catering functions and assisting with the myriad of details needed to do business in two currencies. She can be reached at

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Au Revoir to Pat

Patricia McKinna, national coordinator for Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology/l'Institut Canadien des Technologies Scenographiques, will leave that position on February 1, 2005 to pursue new opportunities, including producing and managing live events. In announcing the change CITT's President Graham Frampton said "On behalf of the membership of CITT/ICTS, I wish Pat all the best in her future endeavors."

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Congratulations to Olivera Gajic

Costume Designer Olivera Gajic, who received both USITT's first International Travel Award and the 2002 Zelma H. Weisfeld Costume Design & Technology Award, will benefit from the 2004 National Endowment for the Arts/Theatre Communications Group Career Development Program for Designers. She was one of six recipients of the grants. Deadline for the 2005 program, which will award $22,500 to seven early-career designers, is February 14, 2005. The same amount will be given to seven early-career directors. The application deadline for directors is February 7, 2005.

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