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Michelle L. Smith
Membership & Ad Sales Manager


Rigging Seminars

Save $50 off the regular registration rate for informative and instructional three-day seminars. Instructors Harry Donovan and Jay O. Glerum will present the next seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 8 to 11. Members must identify themselves when they register. For information about this and future seminars, visit or call 888-248-8491.

Sapsis Rigging Entertainment Services, Inc.

Save $75 off the regular price for hosting a day-long seminar. You negotiate the contract and provide the facility so seminars can be scheduled at your convenience. For more information or to arrange a seminar call 800-727-7471, e-mail, or visit

Check the Member Discounts pages of the web site for the latest information. If you have questions or suggestions for a new benefit, contact USITT's Membership & Ad Sales Manager Michelle L. Smith at 800-938-7488 or

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