September 2015

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September 2015


CD&T Commission Leadership Changes

Jenny Kenyon CD&T Commissioner

Jenny Kenyon, left, and MC Friedrich represented the Costume Design & Technology Commission at the recent Commissioners Retreat near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

The face of the Costume Design & Technology Commission is constantly changing, and nowhere is this more apparent than with the change of five Vice-Commissioners this year.

Donna Meester served as Costume Commissioner for the past five years, working to provide opportunities for the student voice within the Commission. Her work in establishing the Student Leadership Initiative will have a lasting effect and legacy.

No Vice-Commissioner could have been more “hands-on” than Thomas Bernard (VC – Hands-On Design) and Regina Truhart (VC– Hands-On Technology). Together they worked to create innovative and exceptional session programming at the Annual Conference & Stage Expos.

Carey Hansen (VC– Communication) has compiled, cajoled, and edited articles for Sightlines for many years and worked to establish lines of communication about the annual conference and the Commission’s yearlong projects.

The hard work and dedication of each of these outgoing leaders are greatly appreciated.

In addition to those stepping down from VC roles, several VCs have moved to different roles. Here is a listing of the current leadership:

Costume Commissioner Jenny Kenyon
VC – Programming MC Friedrich
VC – Pre-Conference Events Kevin McCluskey
VC – Poster Sessions Jeffrey Lieder
VC –f Hands-On Design Jessica Mueller
VC –Hands-On Technology Stacey Galloway
VC –Hands-On Hair & Make-up Karen Anselm
VC –Archive Heather Milam
VC –Communication Joe Kucharski
VC –Student Initiatives Steven Stines

The leadership is excited to be a part of this Commission and looks forward to serving and collaborating with members to creat memorable and enriching experiences. The Commission actively seeks input, feedback, suggestions, wish lists, and best-case scenarios. Contact Joe Kucharski to provide feedback.