April 2014

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April 2014

Annual Event a Texas-sized Success
Setting records and sharing inspiration and innovation were all part of the 2014 Annual Conference & Stage Expo... more »

LINK – a new way to Connect
A joint program of USITT and SETC will bring together those considering a graduate degree and schools who offer them... more »

Sparking Innovation
A new symposium this September in North Carolina, featuring Tupac Martir and Richard Cuthbert will let creativity flow with Spark!... more »

Fellows Provide Mentoring
A weekend in Minnesota opened doors and created connections for the winner of the 2013 Find a Fellow contest... more »

eSET moves to USITT
USITT will be moving forward with the Essential Skills for the Entertainment Technician program, with four areas targeted this year... more »

Arbor Day Helps Keep Schools Safe
With more than 30 schools already helped by the Rigging Safety Initiative, April brings both a deadline to apply for assistance and and a way to support the program... more »

Elite Training in Vegas in May
Applications are now open for the fourth year of USITT's Elite Training. The May event has added stage management as a discipline... more »

USITT's Executive Director
Inspiration and innovation will continue as cornerstones of the Institute's continuing path to the future... more »

Stage Expo Draws Crowds
With more exhibitors than ever, the 2014 Stage Expo saw the debut of new products and connections being made between exhibitors, and those attending the event... more »

The Last Word – And on to Cincinnati
While the 2014 Annual Conference was winding down, planning has started for March 18-21, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio... more »