January 2011

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January 2011

News & Notices

USITT's Support Goes Far

Dennis Dorn Development Chair

The USITT Development Committee has, in the past two months, introduced two ways for members to contribute to further the mission and objectives of the Institute. The 'Cup of Joe' and 'Continuing the Commitment' campaigns are already established and in effect. Forms are available at www.USITT.org under the "Giving" banner and with the arrival of 2011, our hope is that more and more members will choose to contribute small, but ongoing gifts to one or more of USITT's four major funds. In March, a third campaign entitled 'Generations' will be announced, this one aimed at members and associates who are at a point where they can afford to be more generous.

Research and development, international activities, student and young professional awards and sponsorships are the primary directions that have been established by USITT over the years. Already many members have benefited in both large and small ways in advancing their careers.

In fact, I was honored to be named the recipient of the first Edward F. Kook award when it was made back in 1985. The study involved an analysis of three common 4x8 platform fabrications and one "structurally designed" same-sized platform. That $2,500 grant resulted in three TD&T journal articles and at least three MFA theses at UW-Madison and another two or three at the Yale School of Drama.

There are numerous similar examples of the effects that other grants have had on the gathering and dissemination of member research that have enhanced member awareness and assimilation into their personal body of knowledge. In some instances even commercial success has come to grant awardees because of research that was made possible by USITT funding.

As 2011 unfolds, be aware that USITT seeks applicants and wants to fund projects such as those mentioned above. Members make it possible through gifts, many of which are small but collectively of great consequence. Do your part during 2011 and in subsequent years, to apply for and to help fund the new projects that add to the 25 years of active grant awards already done. Participation on both fronts is critical to continue the successes of the past. 'Be there...or be square!'