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Board Members Named

At a meeting of the Upstate New York Regional Section executive board, Lynn Koscielniak was appointed interim Vice-Chair of Programming (term to expire in 2010) and Jeff Reeder interim Vice-Chair of Membership (term to expire in 2011). Also named to positions were Johan Godwaldt interim Chair (term to expire 2011), Kitty Macey Secretary (term to expire in 2010), and Don Guido Treasurer (term to expire in 2010). Notice of an annual meeting is expected soon.

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Elected Co-Chair

Donna Parsons was recently elected Co-Chair for the Southern California Regional Section. The section recently completed a successful Theatre Design and Production Job Fair Expo and Student Design Competition.

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High School Hosts Winter Symposium

Photos/Ben Shurr

This year the Southwest Regional Section held its annual Winter Symposium at Frisco High School in Frisco, Texas. In keeping with this year's theme Looking Towards the Future, this is the first time a high school has hosted this event. The symposium included tutorials in WYSWIG as well as presentations in puppet construction and manipulation, designing for a show in black light, and other costume, painting and technology techniques invaluable to designers. The highlights of the weekend were the keynote speech given by Martin Crawford, technical manager for Cirque du Soleil's Resident Show Division, and the student design competition. Both gave designers an opportunity to display some of their best work, as well as gain some knowledge in the inner workings of technically-based major productions.

Frisco High School treated the symposium attendees to its version of Bambi: A Life in the Forest, a play by Felix Salten, adapted for the stage by James DeVita.

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