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The 2010 USITT Architecture Awards, including an award to the Royal Conservatory of Music, TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, at left, will be presented in a special session at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City.

Plan Architecture Award Presentations, Timeline

Scott F. Georgeson
AIA Architecture Commissioner

The Architecture Commission has grouped three major sessions to make Friday, April 2 the focus of theatre architecture at this year's USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo.

The evening will start with the presentations of the finalists of the "Ideal Theatre" Student Design Competition. Over 20 submissions were reviewed by a professional jury in mid-February. Three were selected to present their design and process in an open session. The winner will be selected by an audience vote. Last year's finalists were from Spain, Poland, and Iran. This year's submissions came from teams of architectural and theatre students from around the world.

Wrapping up the evening will be the review and presentation of the 2010 USITT Architecture Awards which honor the best of recently built theatres anywhere in the world. The traditional Architectural Awards presentation will take place during the Architecture Commission Reception. All are welcome.

The Architecture Award Winners and the submissions to the "Ideal Theatre" Student Design Competition will be on display as part of Stage Expo starting on Wednesday, March 31.

To help celebrate USITT's 50th year, the Architecture Commission will assemble a timeline of theatres. Images of theatre venues built after 1959 can be submitted to Scott F. Georgeson, AIA, Theatre Architect, Workshop Architects, 1736 Second Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212 by Friday, March 26.

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