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Zelma Weisfeld, right, will be both a presenter and the subject of the Costume Legacy Project of the Costume Design & Technology Commission. Ms. Weisfeld is shown presenting the 2009 Award for Young Designers & Technicians in the Performing Arts in Costume Design, which she supports.

Photo/Casey Kerns

Sessions to Focus on Costume Legacy Project

Cynthia Turnball and Kathryn Wagner
Costume Design & Technology Commission

Ever wondered how the study of costume design and technology began in the United States, or when? The first few colleges and teachers to provide costume programs were not only pioneers but innovators. Who are these early pioneers?

The Costume Design & Technology Commission seeks answers to document the legacy of these teachers and inform the younger generations about their work and innovations. The process involves investigating and following leads of former students, employers, and friends of these costume educators as well as collecting costume design images, production photos, and conducting interviews for Conference presentations.

The first few entries on the "family tree" will be presented at the Kansas City 2010 Conference & Stage Expo, with discussion about some of the people in the "roots" of the tree.

On Thursday, the panel session will include Zelma Weisfeld, who will talk about Frank Bevan; Ron Gloekler, to talk about Bernice Prisk; Cynthia Turnbull to talk about Lucy Barton; and Kathryn Wagner, panel chair.

On Saturday, this panel will honor some of the second generation of costume educators. Val Winkelman will talk about Paul Reinhardt; William Earl will talk about Herb Camburn and Doug Russell; and Kathryn Wagner will talk about Ms. Weisfeld.

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