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OISTAT Seeks Help to Update Theatre Words

Michael Ramsaur
Head, United States OISTAT Centre

OISTAT (The International Association of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians) has taken on a new project titled “Digital Theatre Words” (DTW). This project will enlarge and update the 1995 publication of New Theatre Words and will make the material available to all on the Internet.

Theatre technology has made huge advancements in the past 25 years. The 1995 version of New Theatre Words is outdated and the information limited. Its content will be updated to include contemporary theatre techniques and terms used in the various approaches of performance activities from different cultures worldwide.

Under this new project, the word is not emphasized but the word will be described; each word in each language will then be linked to that description. Each theatrical term will be accessed via a multi lingual interface so each user can navigate the application in his own language. To include these new concepts, a new database is being built from scratch.

The DTW project is headed by Jerome Maeckelbergh from Belgium. Michael Ramsaur, past president of OISTAT and present head of the USA OISTAT Centre, USITT, was appointed managing editor of this project.

OISTAT is seeking USITT volunteers to work in the following word groups: performance; lighting; sound, media, and protocols; special effects; building and scenery; rigging and machinery; electric; costume; and administration and management.

USITT members interested in volunteering for this project should contact Mr. Ramsaur at

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