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The Lighting Commission prides itself on offering a wide variety of sessions concerning the many different topics of interest to lighting professionals. As part of the 2009 Conference, a session on Lighting Networks provided specific information to participants.

Photo/Richard Finkelstein

Lighting Sessions Focus on History, Future

Todd Studebaker
Lighting Commission

This year, the USITTAnnual Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City, Missouri looks to be an exiting time for the Lighting Commission. As it celebrates USITT’s 50th birthday, the Lighting Commission will bring together a variety of Broadway designers, lighting educators, and lighting professionals from around the globe.

Several sessions will focus on lighting as it was 50 years ago and how it has progressed over the 50 years the Institute has been around. The double session will look at some of the top lighting designers today. Finally there will be sessions on lighting equipment, control, and color throughout the last 50 years. There will be exhibits on the showroom floor with examples of lights, dimmers, control, lamps, color media (gel) and many other items from the past half century.

One of the featured programs is the Lighting Educators Roundtable which will center on how the pedagogical and technological approaches to lighting design have changed.

Panelists include Linda Essig, Jennifer Setlow, Rob Shakespeare (tentatively) and Dave Borron.

Not to be missed is Wanna Rock and Roll All Night. In this session the industry’s top lighting designers for rock and roll concerts will answer questions. The panel will be moderated by James Moody, and participants will not only discuss the history of concert lighting but how innovations in the field have affected theatre, television, corporate, theme parks, film, architecture, and all uses of entertainment lighting. They will also discuss what the next 50 years might bring for the industry.

Several sessions will involve the lighting industry’s designers. One is Contemporary Lighting Designers and will feature a panel discussion with established and up-and-coming lighting designers who will discuss current design trends in the entertainment industry. The designers will talk about their work and careers. Discussion will center on the role the lighting designer plays in the practice and business of creating theatre.

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