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Penn State Upgrades

We welcome Pennsylvania State University as a new Sustaining member of the Institute. Penn State has been a long-time USITT member and has made the commitment of additional support to that of the Sustaining level. Penn State has an extremely active Student Chapter and will be exhibiting at Stage Expo in 2007.

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Welcome Topac Inc.

We also welcome Topac Inc. of Cohasset, Massachusetts, as a new Sustaining member. Company contact is President Antoni Drybanski. To learn more about their available products and services for architectural and theatrical lighting and effects, visit

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Clarice Smith Increases Support

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland has become a Sustaining member. We thank Maureen Mooney McNary, Production Manager at the Clarice Smith Center, and the entire staff for their involvement in the Institute.

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Turning Star Joins

Turning Star, Inc. which specializes in flameproofing products and services, has joined as a new USITT Sustaining member. The full range of what the company offers can be found at Turning Star can perform work on-site throughout the country, to minimize a facility's down time and costs.

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Welcome Niagara

Niagara University Theatre has joined USITT at the Sustaining level. Maureen Stevens is the main contact for the university, located north of Buffalo, New York close to the Canadian border. Information about their programs can be found at

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Union Connector Expands

Union Connector announced the expansion of its facilities with the opening of a new business development office in the Midwest. President Rich Wolpert will operate out of this office in Rogersville, Missouri. He will continue to do marketing, sales, seminars, presentations, trade shows, and other related activities. Quoting, warehousing, manufacturing, and standard product sales will continue to operate out of the existing facility in West Babylon, New York. All aspects of the New York office will be the responsibility of Ray Wolpert, vice president of operations and manufacturing.

For more information, contact Mr. Wolpert at 631-753-9550 or e-mail

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TOMCAT at Green Valley Ranch

TOMCAT USA Inc. has shipped a package of equipment to Las Vegas for the Four Wall Entertainment installation of a new entertainment lounge at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino.

After working on the design for the unique system, it was dubbed the "Spider Grid" because of its appearance. It is made up of dozens of ladder trusses that intersect at various angles, creating a grid over the floor.

In addition to the Spider Grid, a custom LD Curved grid will be installed over the stage area. This new club at the casino is set to open in February.

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Lex Receives Patent

Lex Products Corp. was awarded US Patent No. 7,136,278 B2 for its PowerGATE TM Company Switch. The PowerGATE TM Company Switch is the main power distribution connection point for a wide variety of entertainment venues such as theatres, convention centers, studios and arenas.

"Our team is constantly working on ways to make our products safer and easier to use," said Bruce Allen, President of Lex Products and the Inventor of Record. "The PowerGATE TM Company Switch patent is another example of hard work and great customer feedback, creating a product the market can really use," said Allen.

The Lex PowerGATE TM Company Switch features a 100 percent rated circuit breaker which is not subject to nuisance tripping due to ambient temperature. The connectors are interlocked to the breaker so that connections cannot be made or broken under load, an important safety feature.

The Lex PowerGATE TM Company Switch is UL Listed (USA) and CUL Listed (Canada). It is available in a NEMA 3R Weatherproof version.

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