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Developing Geisha Wigs for Madam Butterfly, left, was one of the projects featured at the 10th Biennial Tech Expo exhibit in Toronto 2005.

Photo/Tom Thatcher


Eureka! Tech Expo's Back!

David Boevers
Tech Expo Committee

Have you ever had that thought? Or maybe "This is so cool I just want to show everybody!" Don't just think about how cool you are.

Show the world!

The Tech Expo returns to USITT in its 11th biannual edition this spring at the 2007 Conference & Stage Expo in Phoenix. Every other year, this exposition gives technical artisans in all theatrical disciplines an opportunity to put their work in front of their peers.

Ever come up with an interesting solution to a particularly vexing problem? Arrived at an artfully innovative approach to a regularly occurring theatrical challenge? Thought of a new way to use some material the rest of the world is taking for granted? Tech Expo provides the opportunity to have that creative work recognized.

Featured at Stage Expo, the Theatre Technology Exhibit has previously seen projects from any and all shops -- costumes, paints, lighting, sound, props, rigging, carpentry, metals, automation, projections, and stage management. If someone is working on it, it has a place in the expo. Previous submissions have included a modular spiral staircase, articulated angel wings, dimmable radio controlled light source, ultra low profile tracks, cueable doily dropping machine, and "growing" grass. Really nothing is out of bounds as long as it has a place in a show or a shop.

This year organizers are waiting for entries. All projects accepted for the exhibition are given a display space at the conference and are published in the Tech Expo catalog. This is an excellent opportunity for professionals looking to have their work officially noticed. The exposition is juried by a distinguished panel of industry technicians, and a small number of entrants will receive special recognition and a modest cash award.

Submitting work is simple. Put together a short article, 500 to 1,000 words (one or two pages) explaining what, how, and why the work was done. Be sure to include some drawings or photos that illustrate the item or process. Download the application form and fill it out. Submit the application, the article, and the photos or drawings to the address on the form. Selected entrants will be notified and their submission will be included in the show and published in the 2007 show catalog.

For more information, download the complete instructions or send inquiries to Loren Schreiber, Tech Expo committee chair at Now start writing. There's no Tech Expo without you.

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