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Judy Adamson
Costume Design & Technology Commission

The search for new and updated information for the Survey of Costume Programs will begin mid-October and continue through mid-November. Schools already represented in the survey will receive a reminder it is time to update information. Those who receive reminders are asked to respond in a timely manner. If the information is correct, it is very important that fact is verified so the date of the last revision is reflected in the entry.

To make changes and corrections:

  • E-mail verifications or corrections to Judy Adamson at
  • Print the page, make corrections, and send it via mail to Ms. Adamson, CB# 3230, Center for Dramatic Art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • Fill out the blank questionnaire within the Survey. "How to add your school to the Survey…" Verification will be sent that the information has been received.

Last year, 100% of the information in the survey was accurate within two years. It is imperative the survey be current when published on the Internet. Schools with outdated information will be dropped.

The Survey Index is organized alphabetically and by regions of the country. Each school has provided information including: degrees offered; faculty and staff in the costume design and technology area; the strengths and areas of concentration, for example, pattern-making, design, wigs and hair, or construction; and contact information with address and phone. If e-mail information is given, the dialog box allows sending a message within the survey. If schools have provided web sites, these are also linked from the survey.

To find a listing from the USITT Web Page, choose the On-Line Resource heading on the home page. Click on Survey of Costume Programs and look for the listing either in the alphabetical or the regional lists.

Because the survey impartially reports the information given in the questionnaire, the survey is an excellent resource for high school students looking for an undergraduate program, for the undergraduate looking for a graduate program, and for the faculty advisor. The information provided helps the student narrow the search. The burden is on the student to filter and access the information.

If a program is not represented by the survey, look for "How to Add" button on the survey title page.

Judy Adamson is the Head of the Costume Production program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Costume Director for PlayMakers Repertory Company.

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