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Gabrielová to Receive
2005 USITT Award

Many years of dedication to enhancing the exchange of cultural ideals in the performing arts by Jarmila Gabrielová will be recognized when the Institute presents its USITT Award for 2005. The award will be acknowledged at the 45th Annual Conference & Stage Expo awards banquet Saturday, March 19 in Toronto.

Ms. Gabrielová began her long-time involvement in international affairs after graduating with a degree in journalism in 1946 and joining the Czechoslovakian Ministry of Culture specializing in cultural foreign relations. Here she used her language skills obtained in the post-elementary Tomáš Bat'a School of foreign languages in Zlín.

In 1950, she accepted a position with newly established Theatre Institute in its Foreign Relations Department. Even after retiring from her position with the institute, she maintains a close relationship with the people there. While with the institute, she helped with the renovation of the National Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

Soon after joining the Institute, Ms. Gabrielová initiated cooperation with various foreign theatre institutions, and the Institute began to play an important part in the promotion of the Czech and Slovak theatre at various events and international projects.

She played a major role in the establishment of OISTAT, serving as its secretary until the organization moved from Prague to the Netherlands in 1993. She edited and wrote many articles for most of OISTAT's publications. Ms. Gabrielová also was a key force behind establishing and perpetuating the organization's Prague Quadrennial, an international exhibition of stage design and theatre architecture. She took part in all 10 editions organized from 1967 to 2003 and is already working on the 2007 event..

The Prague Quadrennial exhibition was a frequent topic of her information lectures and presentations at various OISTAT congresses and specialized committees. OISTAT will hold its World Congress in Toronto March 13 through 15 with special open sessions for USITT attendees on Tuesday, March 15.

"Throughout the years I have met many interesting, lovely and dear people, unusual personalities, and reliable and truthful friends," said Ms. Gabrielová. "I am very grateful to them and to the fate that has enabled me to meet them."

The USITT Award is given to recognize a lifetime contribution to the performing arts community.

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Jarmila Gabrielová