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This month's Last Word is the cover of the first in a projected series documenting the work of the best American theatrical designers.

Costume designer Willa Kim will receive a Distinguished Achievement Award, coinciding with the publication of the monograph, during USITT's Conference & Stage Expo in Toronto.

The book will be available for the first time at the USITT Boutique in Toronto. After the Conference, members can purchase it through the USITT Bookstore online or by calling the USITT Office.

Both Willa Kim and author Bobbi Owen will be in the USITT Boutique on Friday, March 17, 2005 from 3 to 4 p.m. to autograph copies of the book. The editor of the monograph series is Del Unruh. The books are published by USITT in cooperation with Broadway Press. The book was designed by Deborah Hazlett of Broadway Press.




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