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List of Sponsors Grows

Engineering Harmonics, Inc. will sponsor the Silver Medal in Sound Design and MDG Fog Generators will sponsor the Bronze Medal in Lighting Design for the first-ever World Stage Design exhibition. The organizations producing World Stage Design, USITT, CITT, and OISTAT, thank these and the other fine organizations and individuals that stepped forward to support this important international event.

University of Delaware, Jack A. Frost Ltd.,, and James Thomas Engineering have all agreed to sponsor Tech Expo at the 45th Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Texas Scenic Company joins the list of Opening Night sponsors. USITT appreciates the support of our members for these terrific events


Sponsorships at a Glance

World Stage Design
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals
USITT Conference
& Stage Expo
Continental Breakfast, Opening Night,
Cyber Cafes
, and Tech Expo


  • Gold Medal in Set Design - Rose Brand Theatrical Fabrics, Fabrications, & Supplies
  • Gold Medal in Costume Design - Rit Dye, Phoenix Brands LLC
  • Gold Medal in Lighting Design - Tom Watson
  • Gold Medal in Sound Design - Stage Research, Inc.
  • Silver Medal in Set Design - Tom Watson
  • Silver Medal in Costume Design - USITT
  • Silver Medal in Lighting Design - OISTAT
  • Silver Medal in Sound Design - Engineering Harmonics, Inc.
  • Bronze Medal in Set Design - The Tobin Foundation
  • Bronze Medal in Costume Design - The Tobin Foundation
  • Bronze Medal in Lighting Design - MDG Fog Generators
  • Bronze Medal in Sound Design - CITT

Annual Conference
Stage Expo


Stage Expo Continental Breakfast

  • One sponsorship available for $4,000 (Co-sponsorship possible)

Opening Night

  • AV Pro, Inc.
  • Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)
  • Texas Scenic Company
  • Wenger Corporation

Cyber Cafés

  • Cal Arts
  • Entertainment Design
  • The Lodestar
  • Vari*Lite

Tech Expo

  • University of Delaware
  • IATSE Local 1
  • Jack A. Frost Ltd.
  • Ohio State University
  • Soundsculpture Inc.
  • James Thomas Engineering

For details on these and other 2005 sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michelle L. Smith in the USITT office at 800-938-7488 or

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