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OISTAT Costume Site Now
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Laura Crow
Head, OISTAT Costume Working Group

The Costume Working Group of OISTAT (The International Organization of Scenographers, Architects and Technicians) can now be found online at This is a new, more user-friendly web address minus the tilde ( ~ ) that some people had trouble locating on their keyboards.

The menu has also changed slightly to be more compatible with the overall OISTAT website.

On the Costume Working Group website are a number of international resources available to USITT members. Items are grouped on the left side of the page with links to the OISTAT Scenography Commission site and the OISTAT organizational website. These help keep people informed of the latest plans for OISTAT functions and meetings.

A second menu shows addresses for working group members from 45 countries including e-mail addresses when available. All those on the list are committed to be a resource to others who wish information. Each member has an interest in cultural exchange and can read English.

Also on the site are minutes and images from recent events including the Prague Quadrennial 2003 winners for Costume Design, the Costume Found Object Workshop in Prague, and the Parade of Dramatic Characters that were central to the 2003 Prague Quadrennial. Information and minutes from the Cuba Carnival Costume Symposium held in July 2004 are also available.

A small costume designer database on the site includes pioneering work in computer generated costume design as well as the work of three Cuban Carnival costume designers: Jose de Jesus Limia Castillo, more commonly called "Pepin," from Santiago de Cuba; Maria Luisa Bernal, from Camaguey and now residing in Santiago de Cuba; and "Chucko" from Havana. Depicted are some of Ms. Bernal's carnival costumes created with the beads she scavenged from the New Orleans Mardi Gras in 2002.

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Sketches, like this one by Maria Luisa Bernal from Cuba of a Carnival dancer, can be found on the newly updated OISTAT Costume Working Group website.

Photo/courtesy Laura Crow