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Conference & Stage Expo
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Registration Forms Available

We have had several questions about online registration for the upcoming Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Toronto. Much information about the March 2005 Conference has now been posted, along with the ability to register electronically.

Please remember to make your hotel reservations through either the faxable form or online. Staying at hotels within the USITT block allows the organization to negotiate lower costs for meeting rooms and events.

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Deadlines Changing

Starting with the January 2005 issue, deadlines for Sightlines will be adjusted to allow even more timely delivery of member information. Deadline for the January issue is December 1, 2004. Beginning with the January publication, Sightlines will be available on the web during the last week of the month before it is dated.

Members will continue to receive notification when each new issue is posted. Expect to receive e-mail or mail notification about the January issue late in December.

We look forward to a shorter production schedule which will make keeping members up to date even easier. Call or write Barbara E.R. Lucas, Sightlines Editor, at 800-938-7488 or to discuss deadlines or submissions.

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TCG Awards Grants

Theatre Communication Group has awarded six grants totaling $33,000 to support the creative work of seven theatre companies and more than 15 artists. The Extended Collaboration Grants are funded by MetLife Foundation and were established in 1989. Awards are given semi-annually, with the most recent funding cycle ending in October.

To learn more about the projects funded by the recently-awarded grants, or find information on applying for the next cycle, visit

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Missing Information

Last month, we heard almost instantly from a member who was listed as having inaccurate information in our database. He is now updated and receiving all of his member communications.

We are still seeking correct information on the following members: Jason Gottfredson, Adam Flemming, Danielle Jennrich, Jennifer Ruygt, Victoria Wilson, Amber Briggs, and Shana Targosz. Several are students, and perhaps have moved more than once, making it difficult to stay in touch with USITT. If you have contact information for any of these people, please tell Barbara E.R. Lucas by calling 800-938-7488 or e-mail

The fastest way to know when the latest issue of Sightlines is available is to make sure USITT's records have a current e-mail. Updating anything from an address, to a telephone number, to a job title, is as easy as completing the update form here.

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