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Those attending the 2004 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Long Beach had an opportunity to speak with Patricia MacKay and Richard Pilbrow about their collaborative efforts, and have the pair sign books.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas


USITT to Again
Recognize Authors

David Rodger
TD&T Editor

The Publications Committee is once again throwing a "book party" for USITT members who have recently written books. This annual event acknowledges and promotes the many fine books written by USITT members. In addition to this autograph signing party, USITT sells copies of these new books at the Conference and offers them through its online bookstore for a year.

An e-mail message is being sent to all USITT members inviting those who had a book published in the past year (2004) to participate in the book signing party which will be held in the USITT booth at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Toronto, March 2005.

Details about the program, including the books and authors who participated in the book parties in Minneapolis and in Long Beach, are on the USITT Web site (

In Long Beach last year, five authors met with colleagues and fans and autographed copies of their new books. Jody Blake had published two new books -- one about the collection of theatre design at the McNay Museum and another about Modernist art and popular entertainment in Paris in the early 1900s. Bobbi Owen had published the fourth volume in her series of books on Broadway designers. Patricia MacKay and Richard Pilbrow had published the backstage story about the new Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Marty Gallagher had self-published an interactive CD on wireless microphones.

Any USITT members with a book published in 2004 who will attend the USITT conference in Toronto is asked to contact me via e-mail at or call 502-426-1211 no later than November 15.

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