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New Catalog for Rose Brand

Rose Brand Theatrical Fabrics, Fabrications and Supplies has issued its 2005 catalog, filled with all sorts of new and interesting offerings. It notes that the company's new California facility allows for greater custom sewing capacity and a larger stock of rental goods. The 2005 version of the catalog has grown as well, by 16 pages. To receive a copy, contact the company at

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City Theatrical Launches Products

PLASA saw the launch of three new Wireless Data System products from City Theatrical, Inc. The Wireless Data System is a group of transmitters, receivers, and dimmers that send and receive DMX data without cables. The AutoYoke WDS is a City Theatrical AutoYoke with a WDS receiver built in. It can be hung anywhere, plugged into AC power, and controlled by any DMX console within 125 meters indoors or 450 meters outdoors without cable. WDS OEM is a tiny module for manufacturers that can be built into any DMX device, and the WDS Rx@ is the newest receiver in the WDS line, featuring a built-in DMX receiver and auto-sensing power supply. To learn more, visit

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Smith Center Adds Vari-Lite Fixtures

Six of Vari-Lite's VL1000 ellipsoidal reflector spotlights have been added to the lighting inventory of the University of Maryland's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. The lights, from Parlights, Inc., are the first automated fixtures added to the university's existing assortment of fixtures, including several hundred conventional fixtures. The units will not be hung permanently but will be used in different auditoriums as needed.

Bandit Lites has joined the Vari-Lite dealer network, providing lighting designers and end users another option for securing Vari-Lite automated lighting products, including the newly-introduced VL3500.

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ETC Offers Sine Wave Dimming, SmartFade

Sine wave dimming is now available from Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), through its newly-acquired IED iSine dimming brand. iSine is believed to be the world's most advanced, proven sine wave technology. ETC says the dimming technology eliminates filament noise (called lam signing or buzz) associated with other types of dimming, and virtually eliminates harmonic distortion while minimizing reactive power.

ETC has also introduced SmartFade, an addition to its Smart solutions line. SmartFade is a compact console in a budget-priced package. To learn more about these, and other developments from the company, visit

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