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October 2004
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Workshop in Toronto Concentrates on Scene Painting

Karen Maness
Scene Design Commission

A one-day Professional Development Workshop before the 2005 Conference in Toronto will have special appeal for scenic artists. "Scene Painting: Backdrop Layout at the National Ballet" will help any scenic artists who have ever wondered how to solve those complicated architectural perspective problems on backdrops. It will help answer the question: Do you feel proficient in your capacity to create the illusion of depth of field with one-point and linear perspective?

Get hands-on training with two of the finest scenic artists in the United States. Susan Crabtree, co-author of Scenic Art for the Theatre: History, Tools, and Techniques, and Howard Jones, co-founder of the nationally-recognized Cobalt Studios and professor of design at NCSA, will present the full day workshop on cartooning.

The workshop, which requires pre-registration (PDF), will offer in-depth explanations of perspective techniques for the theatre, including drawing methods, materials and mediums. Participants will have the opportunity to perform exercises in one point and linear perspective, under the guidance of two master scenic artists. Illustrations and supporting examples of the cartooning method will be included in a handbook for all participants and observers.

Sharpen your cartooning skills in this unique and exciting workshop. This workshop is intended for experienced scenic artists, but observers at any skill level are welcome.

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The Scene Design Commission is planning a special Professional Development Workshop for next March which will again offer participants a hands-on opportunity to enhance their skills.