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October 2004
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Management Commission Launches New Sightlines Column

Carolyn Satter
Management Commissioner

Every year the popularity of the USITT Management Roundtable grows. It is a gathering of students, teachers, professional stage and production managers, and many others who bring to the session work place situations and challenges that transcend theatres and work place personalities across the country.

The Roundtable is not intended to be a gripe session but a presentation of numerous scenarios posed to the attendees to elicit creative and practical solutions to the issues we all share, both in professional and educational theatre.

The USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo offers a regeneration of the energies that carry all of us through the year. With this edition of Sightlines, the Management Commission announces a new column - "Dear Professor Production – a Q & A" which continues the conversations of the round table experience and energy. A team of professional stage and production managers are ready and willing to respond to the questions offered.

Students and professionals alike are encouraged to write! Topics can cover any area of management. Stage managing your peers and working with faculty directors is one topic that continues to come up each year. What about using technology to help enhance your communication process? How about that "should I or shouldn't I join Equity" topic that is always on the minds of student stage managers?

The difficulties in the work place are not specific to the student and/or the professional. The collective talent among the Management Commission members offers this column as an additional tool in mentoring those of us in the business of managing people and projects.

You are encouraged to send questions by the 25th of each month to

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USITT's Management Commission is looking for questions -- and will supply answers -- in a new column in Sightlines.