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October 2004
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Carnival Design Symposium

Several USITT members enjoyed participating in the OISTAT Costume Working Group meeting and tour in Cuba, along with delegates from Canada, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, and England. Organizer Jose Antonio Prades Hung reports that in addition to the Carnival Design Symposium, those attending were asked for medical aide which was donated to the Santiago de Cuba Children's Hospital.

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Planning for PQ 2007

Organizers are already working on the 2007 Prague Quadrennial, while at the same time promoting a new DVD of the 2003 event described as being for everyone interested in theatre architecture and stage design as well as a comprehensive educational resource documenting the current trends and movements in the world of stage design. For more information on 2007 as it becomes available, or to order the DVD, visit

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WSD Poster is Prize

The World Stage Design poster featured on the front page of the September issue of Sightlines is certainly getting around. A copy is the prize in the "What is this object" section of Legato!, the bulletin of the technical documentation, communication, and training department for the Cirque du Soleil technical community. We thank Helen Willard for sharing her copy of this fascinating publication, which she received during her recent visit to the Cirque facility with CITT.

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E-mail Error

We apologize to Judy Adamson whose e-mail address was listed incorrectly in a recent issue when an errant hyphen crept into her electronic address. To contact Ms. Adamson about the Costume Program Survey, please write It is correct in this month's article about the survey.

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Missing Information

Now that electronic Sightlines is becoming a regular part of many member's monthly schedules, it is critical that members keep USITT informed if they change addresses, either a physical address where mail is picked up, or an e-mail address where electronic messages are received.

The fastest way to know when the latest issue of Sightlines is available is to make sure USITT's records have a current e-mail. Updating everything from addresses, to telephone numbers, to job titles, is as easy as completing the update form here.

We are currently out of touch with the following people. If you have information about how to contact

  • Joshua Baker
  • Mark Castle
  • Jennifer Ellenberger
  • Jason Gottfredson
  • Jessica Hise
  • Brian McVicker

please call 800-938-7488 or e-mail so we can reconnect with them.

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