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October 2004
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Funding Program Offers Help for Unique Projects

Tim Kelly
Grants & Fellowships Chair

The USITT Grants & Fellowships Committee will accept project grant proposals for the funding cycle that will begin in March 2005.

This well-established grant program is an effort to encourage the development of innovative projects and scholarly research. Investigative work into LED light sources, digitization of performing arts archives, a device to measure the photometric performance of lighting instruments, and the creation of a web site with photographic documentation of Chinese scene design are but a few of the projects that have been funded in the past.

The deadline for submitting project grant proposals is no later than January 10, 2005, and the maximum amount of funding for any one grant will be $10,000.

Guidelines and application forms can be found on the USITT Grants web page. Proposals will be weighed against each other and must conform to all of the criteria listed in the published grant application information. Unique proposals exhibiting creativity are the most likely to be given favorable consideration.

This program is not a source for funding an upcoming production or to buy new computer equipment. It is the goal of the Grants & Fellowships program to financially assist work that is original and that explores subjects of interest to other USITT members.

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Tim Kelly, chair of the USITT Grants & Fellowships Committee, explains the program at a recent Conference.